Surgery Update

Well Bobbie had her surgery today and is currently out of it from the pain and taking pain medicine and is sleeping right now. From what I read from the instructions the doctor left, Bobbie has to take the next 2 weeks REALLY easy. The doctor said if she can see her toes she is fine, but if she bends to see her ankles that is too much work!! I have only been home with her for a few hours so we will see how she does in the morning.


7 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Glad to hear she’s home from the surgery. The next few days will be rough, so keep her pumped up on those pain pills. We will be praying for Bobbie’s recovery & you as you take care of her!

  2. I hate surgerys for other people. It makes me cringe. I really hope that her recovery is quick and that she is able to take care of JD while she is recovering or at least get some help with him. I would love to take him for a day or two. Just let me know when, and don’t feel guilty about it. You know I do have diapers and whipes and baby food and a bassinet.

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