A Lot to Write

I have a lot to write about, tons of pictures, and even some video to share from this past week. On top of blogging however I have a lot to do today before surgery tomorrow, so I’ll be back posting off and on today. I’m going to make separate posts and just date them back to each day we were gone so scan through some of them to see the pictures.

Today I had my pre-op for the surgery tomorrow. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. I won’t lie, it’s going to be a huge change but I’m praying it’s a good one. I’ve thought about it far too much the past week and I’ve managed to second guess myself about it a few times. Jeremy keeps helping to reassure me that it’s the right choice. I think I’m just scared about healing after. Altering my body kind of freaks me out a bit as well. I know it’s for the better but I’ve never known any different so it’s hard to imagine how much this might help to change my life for the better.

JD is doing spectacular. He’s cutting some bottom teeth so he’s drooling beyond belief. I can’t believe he is already getting teeth but sure enough, sharp little white teeth are starting to break through. I’ll try and get a picture later when he’s awake. He is also eating solid foods like a champ. I fully give the credit to Nicola! Woman you are amazing, thanks again for watching him last week!!!

I’m going to leave you with two video’s. One is of Masha and her little one, he is just cracking up at Max. The second one is of JD and Mickey doing tummy time.


4 thoughts on “A Lot to Write

  1. That was a lot to write. It probably took you for ever.

    It sounds like the “vacation” turned out great!

    Wow tomorrow you go in. That is crazy to me. It feels like just yersterday you were contomplating it. Very cool, I hope you heal fast.

  2. I enjoyed catching up, but I think I read them totally out of order. I hope I got them all. Loved the guys’ expressions on the head shaving photos! Oh, and the hand too. šŸ™‚

    We’ll be praying for a quick recovery from your surgery. I’m thinking be generous with the pain killers, buy a giant bag of ice, and use lots of firm pillows for a few days. My friend who was a L & D nurse also worked for a plastic surgeon in their operating room. She had the same surgery herself, so if you have any questions or need info during your recovery, I’m sure she’d be happy to help.

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