Jeremy had to work at the radio station early this morning. I stayed back at the hotel and enjoyed finishing up the book I was reading. It’s the new Stephanie Meyer book called ‘The Host’. No it isn’t about Vampires, but I think I liked it more than her other ones. I just love the way she sucks you into her books. What an amazing feat for her as well, 4 out of 4 books making the NY Times best seller list! Congrats to her. I was sad when the book was over and I can’t wait to see what she does next. I know she has another one from the Twilight series coming out this year… but I wonder what else she’s got cooking in that little brain of hers.

When Jer got off at the station we checked out of the hotel and picked up Dieter from Nic and Kelly’s. I was so excited to see him! I loved the time away with just Jer and I, and I LOVED being able to just read with no distractions but I sure missed my guy. We took him over to Jeremy’s brothers house.

Some of Jer’s family was in town from Houston and so it was a lot of fun to be able to spend a few hours with everyone. JD loved being passed from person to person. I thought I had taken pictures but apparently I didn’t. After spending some time there we met up with Kelly and Nic again and they took JD for one more night. Our final little night of vacation. We had a room booked (thanks to mom) up at Daniels Summit Lodge. We drove through Park City and then stopped by a burger joint in Heber City called ‘Granny’s’. When I was younger we would stop there anytime we went camping. They have great milk shakes.

There wasn’t much snow left up at the summit, unless you looked out our back patio. It was just piled there, not really in front of any of the other patio’s… just ours. Jeremy liked it because the next morning it blocked the sun from coming in the window. I was going to pelt him with a snow ball I made, but it was more of an ice ball and I didn’t want to make him cry. The room was nice and I just have to thank mom for hooking us up! It was the perfect ending to our get away.

A lot of the pictures I took out of the car window. Snazzy I know, I’m such an awesome photographer! Some are in SLC, a couple in Park City, and then a few from the lodge. Enjoy.


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