Killer Bunny Wednesday!

Jeremy and I had lunch at PF Changs and then just took a stroll through the mall.  While there we decided it was time to complete our Killer Bunnie set and we bought the final booster pack.  That’s right Will, we now have them ALL!  Ok well we still need Kinder Bunnies, but other than that one.  After buying the Ominous Onyx booster we checked into the hotel up in Salt Lake and decided to play a game.  Our little game lasted over 5 hours, it was nice that we didn’t have to worry about kids because we were able to leave it on the table, eat dinner and just go back to playing it again.

For dinner we decided to just get some good cheese, fruit, and bread.  It was awesome and if only I’d won killer bunnies it would have been even better!  he he.


10 thoughts on “Killer Bunny Wednesday!

  1. Hello, I was doing a search for bunnies and ran across your blog. I am so glad that you made Killer Bunnies part of your vacation to Salt Lake City. Looks like you had a blast. Have you tried J2J?
    All my best,
    Jeffrey Bellinger

  2. I just bought my daughter the Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey: Starter Combo Pack – Heroic & Azoic. She told me she only wanted this for Chrstmas but, I’ not sure if this is what she was looking for. Is there a board to go with these cards? Did I make a good choice? Any info would be helpful to this Mom with no clue 🙂

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