Two in a row for me, what is going on! I am a huge fan of Scrubs and the show has never been treated properly in its 7 years, even though I think along many others that it is a great show and while it is not to the level of Friends, Seinfied, or others but it is really close. They tried to have it carry a full hour for I think two straight seasons and NBC never really promoted this great show. Just watching the finale which was pretty good, but odd for a finale which I thought was the very last episode and I am glad it is not. It looks like Scrubs will be back for one more year, but on ABC!! I am pretty psyched about this news which I read on TV guides website. It sounds like the show will only air in the fall, but even if thats the case it could air 12 18 episodes. Hopefully the show ends like it should.  Then here is some fun Scrubs video.


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