This has yet to happen to be since December here at the station.  Every Saturday morning I record the shows I produce in a different studio so I can then save them to the computer and burn them to CD’s.  The only problem I had was when some from a different station The Eagle stopped my recording, I was ticked but my recording was still on the computer and the real important show is the Fitness Show and I got that.   That was fine so, I was ok with that since I got that show.   I could be wrong but wouldn’t you expect if something was recording in a studio that multiple stations use you would either move to a different studio, or find out who was recording and when they were done but I guess not.

It has not happened since then, until today.  I may have jinxed myself because another coworker came back from Jazz practice and he was wondering if I was using that back studio and I said yes and I mentioned what happened that one time.  Today it happened again and this time it was someone from Jack who went into that studio closed everything out!! and nothing was saved.  I purposely leave the audio on so people can hear it if they go into the room.  And it is not hard to find out who is recording or know if they are recording because the program is on the screen.  Plus today I am suppose to burn about 10 hours worth of CD’s for my Thursdays show, and I have all my stuff is saved there and the guy is pressing me for something I can not really control because the time it takes to make a CD.  I think he believes that here at the station I can burn a 2 hour show in the same it takes to burn a 45 minute CD, not quite.


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