A Whole New Blog

Ok, so how many of you sang the title of this post to the tune “A whole new world”? I know you people… don’t lie to me. I can show you the blog…..

Since I’m finally back into the blogging habit I have started another blog… I know I’m crazy. This secondary blog is strictly for Photographs. I love the layout and so hopefully once a day or so I’ll be able to post a random picture. I have YEARS of photo’s that I’ve never shared before and I’m kind of excited to have a medium to show them with. I’m sure they won’t all be spectacular, but they are mine and I like them.

JD went to the eye doctor today. It was a nightmare. The man had no people skills and I’m wondering why he chose to go into the Pediatric side of things. Every time I would try to talk to him he would cut me off and I never got to finish a whole sentence. Our appointment was at 8:20am… we got back into the office at 9:30am and then after all that they put drops in his eyes to dialate them. We got to sit around for yet another hour and poor JD’s eyes were dilated all day. The doctor said there is nothing wrong with him and wouldn’t even let me ask any questions. I was frustrated to say the least. Sure enough when we got home he started to have that one eye act all lazy again. I figure if he still has it in 2 months I’ll take him into my normal Ophthalmologist. I also plan on letting my family practitioner know that the guy he referred me to was a moron and maybe he should think of someone else. Now I understand the guy could have just been having a bad day, but I got the impression he is like that all the time. I’m honestly kind of glad he found nothing wrong with JD because if he had, and then told me to schedule a followup I would be calling his office tomorrow and telling them to cancel and why.

Today wasn’t all bad:

  • Our VCR/DVD machine that we just had replaced in March because the old one wasn’t working broke. It wouldn’t stay on for more than 15 seconds. I called the company and they are sending us another new one.
  • We found out we were approved for financial aid through IHC. Our medical bills are now a small fraction of what they were and I cried when the lady told me over the phone. She’s my hero of the day.
  • We got a check we’ve been waiting for in the mail. That’s always a fun surprise eh?
  • JD took a 5 hour nap (a bit long I know, but he had a rough morning)
  • I took an hour nap
  • Nicole brought me software to make a Will in the comfort of my own home.
  • Tonight I made a Chocolate Meringue Pie. I haven’t cut it since it has to cool, but tomorrow I’ll make sure to take some pictures for you to drool over.

6 thoughts on “A Whole New Blog

  1. I hate doctors like that! It always makes you wonder is he a moron with people but good at his job, or a total moron all together?! Sorry it was such a lousy experience. Poor JD – a 5 hr nap to recover!!

    Yay another dessert picture to drool over! This is great – I’ll get to see it but can’t eat it!

  2. He really does sound like a jerk.

    It sure is nice to have good things mixed in with a bunch of garbage. Glad it wasn’t such a bad day.

  3. That doctor was retarded. You should have told everyone how you didn’t leave the 8:20 appointment until 11am. I would like to see the cake now please:)

  4. I hope you go see another doctor. Not to scare you, but a friend of mine was worried about her son’s eyes and took him to a specialist. The specialist told her there was nothing wrong at all. She went with that for a few months, but she finally went to another doctor and found out her baby is completely blind! So if you’re getting a bad feeling about this doctor, just move along to someone better. That’s what I would do.

  5. What a dumb doctor. I had a doctor like that for myself. I would tell her a problem and she would jump to a conclusion that didn’t adress the problem, just the symptoms, and then she refused to let me bring up any more issues during that visit. So I ditched her.

    And yes, I’m singing the song in my head.

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