15 Pound Chocolate Cake

JD had his 4 month check up today, can you believe it?!  He did just great with the vaccines, fussed after they were over and all the nurses fondled over him saying how cute he is.  Don’t I know it!  He has an appointment tomorrow morning with a Pediatric Ophthamologist for his little lazy eye.  I think it’s been getting better but we will see what the Doctor says.  He is now 15.1 lbs and 25 in. long.  We also decided to try solid foods again today.  When we tried Rice cereal a couple weeks ago he was having a hard time with swallowing it.  Today he was all excited to be eating it.  Smiles and opening for more.  After some rice cereal we tried some peas.  By the time we were done he had eaten 1/2 jar of peas and the Rice Cereal.  I had a coupon for the baby food but after looking at the prices and seeing how much he’ll already eat I’m positively making my own.  My mother in law gave us a baby food grinder and I’m busting that puppy out ASAP.

After the fun of feeding JD he went down for a LONG nap.  I’m liking this solid food thing more and more.  While he was sleeping I actually got some laundry and dishes done.  Watched some TV and then decided to make a Cake.  I tried a new recipe and WOWZER, it was a home run.  Within 15 minutes of being frosted it was already half gone.  It is one I will gladly make again.  It was a Celebration Chocolate Cake and I got the recipe from a Hershey’s cook book.  You can also find it HERE.  My nephews helped me make the cake so it’s only fair that I share pictures of them enjoying it.


9 thoughts on “15 Pound Chocolate Cake

  1. mmm..cake! I can’t believe that kid weighs 15 lbs. That is crazy. Skinny butt Kk weighed 18 lbs. at a year. I’m thinking he’s definitely going to pass her up.

  2. So what you’re saying is that if you put JD on one end of a teeter-totter and the chocolate cake on the other . . .

  3. Wow! Never realized how BLUE Parkers eyes are!

    Cake looks delicious, but I’m saving all my fat calories for next week!

  4. Um, I want some! Holy cow that looks good! I decided that when Ben starts taking solids that I’m going to make it too. It’s SO much cheaper! And healthier too! Your boy is getting so big!

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