Sunday: My Favorite Day

When I was younger I didn’t always like Sunday, especially when it was during the school year. It signaled the end of a weekend and meant cramming homework in before school the next day.   I enjoyed church, and Sunday dinners with the family but I hated the knowledge that the next day was Monday.

Today I realized that Sunday has become my favorite day of the week.  For those of you that don’t know, I rarely get to spend time with Jeremy.  He works 2 jobs and sometimes referees water polo or works for his brother on top of all that.  Sunday is the only day he doesn’t have any work.  I get to spend time with him from sun up, to sun down.  I treasure Sunday and love the moments we get to spend together as a family.

On a different topic.  We have decided to venture on our Californian Vacation without JD.  My cousin Nicola has been amazing and offered to watch JD for the week we are gone.  She offered before we even thought about leaving him and it’s taken me a while to decide if I really wanted to or not.  A week with no diapers or bottles to make was just too tempting.  This will be our first vacation ever with just the two of us and no family along.  Granted a few nights we are staying with family but I’m so excited to spend time with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins while we are out there.  It was fun that I got to see them all twice last year and I’m glad Jeremy will get a chance to know them better.

Leaving JD here and driving out to California and back without him has made me worry about what would happen to him if we were to pass away.  After talking to some family and praying a lot we have decided what our last wishes would be and I’m going to look into making a Will before we go.  I never thought it would be such a hard process to decide what we would like to see happen with him.  There is so much to consider, like making sure he still has strong relationships with both sides of his family, financial stability, and making sure he’s raised complimentary to the way we would have raised him.  If anyone has any “will making” advice please do pass it along.  It’s not a subject that’s pleasant to think about, but heaven forbid anything happen to us and things are left up in the air.


10 thoughts on “Sunday: My Favorite Day

  1. We went through the same thing deciding who would take Micah for us were we to pass away, and you’re right… it’s painful! It was a huge relief when the family we thought he would fit in the best with accepted. I think once we got it over with, I have just felt peace, and no more fear. I sincerely hope the same for you.

    Enjoy San Francisco! I think you’ll feel glad you left JD behind, even though I’m sure you’ll both miss him terribly. When we went recently, it was hard with a toddler… and when we toured places like Alcatraz, I would have loved to have been able to do it with just Scott so we could take our time to just sit and ponder, you know? Next time, next time…

  2. The deciding on who to leave your kids with thing..NOT FUN. I hated to have to think about that. I’m jealous you are getting vacation. I’m thinking it will be a long time before I can do that again.

  3. We still have not made a Will out. We have already talked to who would take care of our kids, but have not set it in stone legaly yet.

    I wish that I could leave Sierra for the cruise. I have had offers to take her, but I just can’t do it. I am to much of a wimp. That will be so great for you guys to get a break from life on your vacation.

  4. Yes, I am jealous that you can vacation without JD. I just didn’t want to always wonder when and how we were going to take care of each of her meals . . . Kristin planned our kids’ futures if anything were to happen to us. I apparently don’t get much input.

  5. Good luck with your will… It always hard to decide who to leave your children with if you were to pass… On a happier note…sounds like you are going to have a ton of fun in CA!!! 🙂

  6. At least you just need to get a letter written saying who JD should go to (and the life insurance probably already has someone one it?). Just think about when you have to write a big long will for all your stuff and everything…yuck:)

    I am so excited about your trip and so jealous. Take lots of pictures, make lots of memories, bring me lots of funny stories, and give the Kullick’s our love!

  7. We’ve decided to leave Grayson while we head down to Mexico later this month, too. I’m scared I’ll miss him so much, but we’ve got to take this vacation!

    We started feeling the pressure of making out a will while we were expecting, and I got a great resource from a stake guy after we moved back to Utah. It’s called The Red Book, and it’s literally just 20 pages of all the information your beneficiaries will need in case you die, and a spot to put the info in. I can email it to you if you’d like. We built a very rudimentary will at for $20 saying who we designate as Grayson’s custodian should we both pass away. I wish we would have paid the extra 10 bucks to be able to make unlimited changes to it, but we’ll just have to make a new one when our needs change. My mom is listed as the beneficiary of all of our financial assets right now (we still haven’t changed it since Grayson was born), but we know she’d send that money to Grayson’s caregiver.

    Honestly, the hardest part for us was actually deciding who to leave Grayson to, and it was nerve-wracking asking them for the biggest favor of our lives (or in this case, our deaths), but like Laurie said, it was a huge relief to get it taken care of.

  8. After reading Holly’s blog about “eras” and now this… I have to say that I am really old because I have been at that point where you can’t leave the kids and on through to the point where you can (and willingly do so). In fact, Steve used to say that we could just be in the airport without kids and feel the vacation start immediately! Now we have gone to the other side where having your kids around is not such a tiring thing! We do have 2 easy travelers and 2 not-so-easy travelers. (I get to take the 2 easy ones to Medford this month and St. George next month!) Nevertheless keeping an eye on the guys looking at 2 beautiful blond teenagers on a cruise was a fun challenge! Actually, now that I think about it, just walking behind them some distance is always an interesting experience.

    And I must say, you certainly haven’t lived till you have stayed at the Kullick Bed & Breakfast! (Just as long as you like cold cereal!) We are looking forward to seeing you soon! P.S. The weather man says we should probably be into the upper 80’s by next week (at the moment it is a slightly breezy 78 degrees at 6:15 p.m.)

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