I will just say… I had no expectations. I wasn’t even positive I wanted to see it. We went tonight. WOW! LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! I would see it again in a heart beat. Even Jeremy liked it, crazy right? If you see one movie this summer I’d go see this one. I can guarantee it’ll be playing for quite a while in the theaters. If you do go, make sure you stay after all the credits. People literally cheered. I will say that I’m sure there are people out there that didn’t like it (they are crazy however). I like most Marvel movies, HOWEVER Jeremy does NOT and he liked this one.

I also saw Made of Honor tonight. I know, two shows in one night is a bit crazy. JD, Jer, Mom, Dad and I went to see Ironman. Then Mom, Steph, Trish, Masha and I went to see the chick flick as a late show. It could be that I’d just seen a movie that I loved, but Made of Honor wasn’t my favorite. I laughed and it was an ok Chick flick but there were a couple parts I could have done without. I say it’s a rental.


8 thoughts on “Ironman

  1. Yeah I want to go see Iron Man! Thanks for the good review. SO you think that this will be the Transformers of last summer? Oh and yeah I heard Made of Honor isnt great. It only got about 2 stars I think. I’ll hold off on that and rent i think… Yay for summer movies!

  2. We all saw Ironman last night too! I thought it was pretty good too! All those who haven’t seen it, it’s one of those you need to stay to the end of the credits.

  3. I enjoyed the movie and ironically we both used the same picture for our review. I hope you stayed until the end of the credits though. There’s a couple more minutes of the show with a good twist.

  4. Indy and Joe went to Ironman last night too! They gave it good reviews as well. Guess it’s a good thing they chose it over Made of Honor.

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