Water Polo

The other day JD and I went to watch Jer play water polo.  It was a lot of fun, and we learned that JD is big enough to use his stroller without the car seat.  HAPPY DAYS. Jeremy’s team got 2nd place.  Poor guy not only got a black eye, but got ejected during the game.  The weather was perfect. Oh Jer is #14.

After the game we headed to Tucano’s in SLC to use our $10 gift card. It was so delicious.  JD was an angel and spent some time talking to Jeremy.  It was so funny.  In all the pictures his little face is different.


7 thoughts on “Water Polo

  1. Hey I want to see a water polo game one of these days! I have never been! Tell me sometime when Jer is playing eh?

  2. Jeremy, I expect a Holly-style report of the incident complete with “This kid was being mean to me for no reason – how do I get him to stop?”-section.

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