Swimming, Sickness, and Surgery… oh my

I used to be so good at blogging almost every single day… then I had JD. I love that little critter but he is now in charge and I’m falling behind at just about everything. I have gotten a lot accomplished tonight so I figure I’ll do a quick blog.

Sickness: I’m STILL dealing with this stomach bug that I caught visiting Katy and Chad. Granted I no longer want to die and it is slowly getting better but at least once a day it hits hard. OH and for all of you that might want to comment and ask if I’m pregnant, NO, and I have 3 tests to prove it. Jeremy and I were REALLY worried about it because we still don’t even know if the Cardiologist will give us the green light later.

Cedar City: Besides being marred by everyone being sick it was nice to spend time with family that doesn’t live in the area. Even with Michael being born 3 weeks before JD and over 9 pounds at birth, JD has passed him up in weight and height. Could be that the stinker is eating a TON! The two of them were quite cute together.

Swimming: When Jeremy came down Katy had gotten sick so we used reward points he had and stayed in a hotel that one night so he wouldn’t catch it. The hotel had an indoor pool so we decided to take Dieter swimming. It was a blast. He fussed for a second when he first got wet but that didn’t last long and he had a blast with Jeremy. It was very cute and you could tell Jer was happy he wasn’t unhappy in the water. Lets hope it stays that way. After swimming JD was really tired and fell asleep on the way back up to the room. After I showered I found him and his daddy zonked out.

Biggest Loser: I am mailing my application out tomorrow. Shocker eh? I never watched the show before the last two seasons, and even then I’ve just caught the tail end but it’s pretty inspirational. Wish me luck. The freaking application was 10 pages long, and add a 10 minute video to that and it was quite a bit more work than I expected it to be, but a week and a half later it’s all done.

Surgery Again: This time it’s a surgery I have wanted for quite a while. I’m scheduled for a Mammoplasty in May. I’m so excited and yet scared at the same time. The surgeon who’s doing it for me said he was shocked I’ve waited so long to come in and get it done. Talking to him about life after got me really excited and I’m hoping it goes as well as expected.

Vacation: Jeremy and I are headed to California in a few weeks to visit family and show Jeremy around where I grew up. He’s never been to northern Cali before and so we are looking forward to the stay. Thanks to his hotel connections we are staying at one of the Intercontinental Hotels in San Francisco for one night. He is so excited!

How do you like them apples! Pictures and all!


9 thoughts on “Swimming, Sickness, and Surgery… oh my

  1. Wow that Wasn’t even a short blog. It was good to hear from you again. And JD is getting huge! I think my mom is going to be right about not letting Sierra and JD play together haha.

    I love the biggest looser too. That would be so cool if you were on it! A 10 min video, what the heck do you say for 10 min. Did you do the sob story. They always like those.

    Humm what dinner do you guys want me to make for you this time… I will have to think of something really good. I guess it is not really for you, but the others in the house.

    Wow that was a long comment. Let us know when you are feeling better so that we can play some games. Will can’t wait for Killer bunnies the board game.

  2. Knock on wood, but I’m just glad that you didn’t end up with some Polar Antarctic virus that has only been found in Polar Bears up to this day.

  3. Biggest loser! Thats awesome Bobbie! I love that show and you would be awesome on it I am sure! Look at all the fun you guys have been having. JD is getting so big! Have fun in California. I need to take a trip out there as well.. Tell everyone hello for Matt and I out there πŸ™‚

  4. For being a quick entry that sure was a lot of apples. I love the picture of Jeremy and JD sleeping. I can’t believe how big JD has become. Sorry that you are still sick, hope it passes soon! And a vacation! Wow! I hope that you have a blast. I am so green with envy that I can hardly stand it. (=

  5. I watch the Biggest loser all the time. OK, I tape it and watch it when nothing else is on, because Harvey won’t watch it with me. But the transformations of some people are amazing. I enjoy their tips on training and eating right. If you are picked, that would be SWEET!

    That’s a great pic of Jeremy and JD sleeping.

  6. Okay… glad you are feeling better! Nice that JD will hopefully turn into a fish like his dad! πŸ˜‰
    Good for you on the surgery and Biggest Loser. Crossing my fingers for both! πŸ™‚
    Last, it sounds like the trip to CA will be fun!

  7. I can’t believe how huge JD is getting. He’s so cute! I’m sorry you’re sick but glad for your surgery.

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