sick away from home

I have the stomach flu. Its probably the worst I’ve ever had. Up off and on every 2 hours during the night. I’ve decided it really sucks to be sick so far from home, and away from jer.


5 thoughts on “sick away from home

  1. I totally feel your pain. I was sooooo sick flying/ driving home from Guatemala, that I actually tols Harvey and Colton I wanted to die. I stopped so many times right on the side of the road on I-5, I didn’t even care who saw me.

    Soooo sorry, I hope you feel better soon! Maybe that’s why you’ve been so tired too.

  2. That IS the worst!

    I betcha Jer wouldn’t abandon you and little JD when you came down with the stomach flu like Mike did to me and Indy when the Yark Virus went thru Cupertino that one year…anyone remember that lovely episode? (I always have to get my little dig in for that one – even 17 years later. That’s how miserable it is to be sick away from home!)

    Warm & Fuzzies heading your way – get better soon!

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