This afternoon Steph and I took all the boys in the back yard.  Our plan was to weed.  Well JD lasted about 10 minutes in his bouncer before he didn’t want to be left alone anymore.  I weeded about 1 square foot of the back yard.  Steph on the other hand is a super hero and is STILL out there, completing the rest of the job her self.  So Steph, is it hard to be perfect?  😉

ANYWAY I fed JD and then chatted with Parks and Bright before taking a zillion pictures of them.  I felt a bit like the paparazzi.  They are just so cute.  Enjoy a couple:



3 thoughts on “Outside

  1. At least you kept Parks and Bright busy while Steph weeded. I hate weedning. Sge can come to my house any day. Oh and the pics…very cute… 🙂

  2. Way to go! I am impressed that you were out there getting yard work done already! Great job Steph! The pictures are way cute!

  3. Everytime i feel crappy its nice and sunny! I can’t wait to get my yard work done this weekend…cross your fingers. Those pictures of the boys are cute.

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