Yes, We are alive.

It has been far too long between posts.  Here a a quick update with a couple of cell phone pictures.  I need to find the camera but I’m not sure how long JD is going to nap for, so cell phone pic’s will have to do. Easter was great.  JD got to wear the little suit we had his pictures taken in.  We even got him an Easter basket.  He got some PJ’s, stuffed animals, and a little toy.  I know he doesn’t care but I was excited to celebrate his first big holiday.  


We have hit some fun milestones the past week or two.  He slept for 9 hours one night and that triggered me letting him cry it out when he wakes up for his 5am feeding.  He is still waking up and crying but it usually doesn’t last long.  Jer usually gets up to check on him, and sometimes has to reposition him in the crib but we don’t get him up and feed him anymore until he wakes up around 8am.  It’s actually going quite well.  Today he surprised us, when I went to get him out of bed he was on his back.  I called Jer and ask if he’d put him on his back during the night and he said no.  JD had rolled from his tummy to his back at some point in time this morning.  My little Uno is growing up so fast.  


 This past weekend I went with mom and dad to visit my sister Katy and her little family.  Her little one is 3 weeks older than JD, and was born weighing over 9 lbs.  It’s amazing to me how much JD has caught up with him.  It was really great to see all of them.  While we were there Uno started to smile quite a bit more than he has before.  It’s so rewarding to have him acknowledge you.  He was also wonderful in the car on the way down and back.  On the way home he slept the entire time.


My incision from the surgery still hasn’t healed.  I’ve had to stop breastfeeding all together and I meet with my surgeon again next week.  Hopefully the stitches can come out at that point.  It’s been a pain (literally and figuratively) and I can’t wait to be done with the entire thing.   


10 thoughts on “Yes, We are alive.

  1. He has chaged so much in the past few weeks. Don’t forget to take anithistimines. It sure helps to dry up.

    Oh and i bet it is so nice to get more sleep!! I don’t know how we first did it. you just get so used to the amout of sleep you are getting.

  2. We’re going to need bodyguards for Sierra. Her “little” “cousins” (don’t think I’ve ever double-quoted before) are so much bigger than her!

  3. I knew it wouldn’t be long until that little guy wasn’t that little anymore!! I’m glad he’s a healthy kid too!

  4. Love him in that little suit. I predict JD will pass all his “little” cousins up – he’ll outroll, outplay, and outcrawl ’em all!(I’ve watched too much Survivor!)

  5. He is getting so big!!!! And rolling from tummy to back! That is great. Tummy sleepers tend to do things first. (= Glad that things are going well. Good luck on the Dr. Appt!

  6. Wow! 9 hours! That’s awesome! I can’t wait! Although Ben has done pretty well too already for being a month old. That suit is quite cute, good taste!

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