Family Fun

Friday night we had a great time with some of Jer’s family.  Dinner was awesome (THANKS!) and we played a few games after.  I wish I hadn’t been in so much pain, but it was still a good evening.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I did.  I think I may have accidentally deleted some.  Here’s one of our niece Hannah with JD.  These two look like they could be siblings (this pic’s not a great example).  It’s the eyes from Jer’s side of the family.


Thursday we took JD in to get some pictures taken from a children’s portrait studio.  I was given a free coupon for some Baby announcements and since I hadn’t made any for JD we decided to give it a shot.  It took much longer than expected, but he ended up having a couple of cute shots.  The waiting to take the pictures, then to see them was ridiculous.  I’m not sure if it’s always like that but give me a break, you specialize in children’s photography and you expect parents to wait that long?  We did end up getting a sheet or two of some of the pictures for grandparents and the like… wow they were expensive.  Since I’m used to taking the photo’s myself or having dad take them, I know JUST how much of a mark up the pictures were.  It was very hard for me to fork over the cash.  While waiting we played with JD a lot to try and keep him awake.  He thinks his mom is crazy, but he’s just too cute. I call the two pictures, “Say what?” and “Hey ladies”

moremarch200808.jpg moremarch200806.jpg


Tonight we went out to celebrate Jer’s new position at work.  Mom, Dad and Bryan joined us.  The food was great.  Sushi is so good!!!  We made a reservation about an hour before we left and they actually gave us our own private little room.  It was spectacular.  They were so busy too, we were lucky.  Jer told them over the phone that it was 5 adults and an infant.  When they asked how old JD was, he said 2 months.  Apparently in Japan 2 month olds can color?  It made us all laugh that they gave him crayons and a menu, so I took a picture.  He was smiling a lot before the food came out, sure enough once I got out the camera I couldn’t catch a smile at all.  I’ve yet to be able to catch a big grin with the camera, one of these days.  I love the little picture of dad playing with JD.  Mom gave him those Levi’s, they are still big but he looked so cute.  Don’t you love his old man hair?  After the meal was done they asked what we were celebrating.  When we told them it was a promotion they brought Jeremy a bottle of sparkling cider to take home.  It was really sweet.









8 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Those baby photographers are SO expensive, and yours are SO adorable! They know new moms will pay it though, because they want the pictures of their precious new babies. It’s a mean trick they play on us. I remember spending hundreds on Max’s pictures.

  2. I think you named the pictures just right. I enjoyed them. He is getting so big!

    Congrats again on the new position at work.

  3. So I was wondering if linda calls JD D-head. Or is that just an HD thing? I think it would be nice to have another D-head around.

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