Check Up and Hair Cut

I just posted on the Preggo blog about the check up with the surgeon yesterday. I included a picture so if you don’t wanna see the stitches or incision then don’t head over to the other blog. All in all the check up went ok. I do have to go back next Thursday to see if she can take the stitches out or not. I was feeling a bit better this morning but then I went through the fiasco of trying to shower and managed to cause myself some more pain. I’m clumsy.

I forgot to mention that I cut my hair on Saturday. It had gotten so incredibly long, and when it’s long it’s heavy. I literally start to get headaches. It was time to chop it off again. I was going to cut it even shorter but the stylist convinced me that with a baby I want to be able to at least do a pony tail. She thinned it a TON for me and I’ve been having fun doing it the past few days. It’s so easy. Today I just flat ironed it. Monday I had curls and yesterday I did pigtails. he he. Here is a picture, I kept forgetting to ask Jer to take one for me, so I had to do it myself. Cheesy but that’s life.


Tonight Jeremy and I are headed to have dinner at his brother’s house. My sister in law and niece are in town this week so we are getting all the cousin’s together. πŸ™‚ I’ll take the camera and try and post pictures later. OH here are some pictures from yesterday of my niece KK and her CRAZY hair. Also two of JD. One of him eating Trish’s finger because he thought he was starving, and the other I just love the face he’s making. The two of my nephew Bright are from today, we were outside getting the mail, it is such a nice day!!

kkhair.jpghungry.jpgaunttrishandme.jpg brightoutside2.jpgbrightoutside1.jpg


8 thoughts on “Check Up and Hair Cut

  1. That would be a weird phanominon to have headaces because of your hair.

    I am glad that you have been enjoying your hair. I almost alywas love getting my hair cut (except for this last time).

  2. You cut your Hair! And it looks great…

    I have to admit though, Ponytail length makes things so much easier, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want. Just throw it in a ponytail. Now that I have long hair, I think that I know better how that works. =0)


  3. Your hair is so sassy. πŸ˜‰ I have to get mine thinned, too. There’s the frizz which doubles the volume and then couple that with the hair-headaches (my whole family gets them) and if I grow my hair past my shoulders I just have to have half of the insides removed.

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