Big Thank You’s

I just have to give my family a huge thank you for the past week.

Trish, thanks for taking JD for me when I was sick Wednesday.  While the plan to keep him healthy  didn’t work, it was a huge help for me to be able to sleep that day.

Dad- I appreciate so much that you were willing to stay awake at 2am for me when I needed to run to the store to get the stuff for our little Uno.  I know you were headed to bed, so thanks for cuddling with his sick self.

Steph- I’m so sorry the day was such a long one and we didn’t even get home from surgery till after 6pm.  Thank you for watching JD even with your own little one not feeling 100%.  It gave me such a peace of mind to know he was in good hands even with him being sick.

Mom- I can’t even tell you how much I love you.  I was worried about Jeremy having to work today, but you helped so much.  Not only by coming to the Hospital with me, but also taking JD into the doctor when I was having the surgery and then taking me right to the pharmacy after I was released so we could get all the medication for JD and myself.  It was a good relief to wake up and have you in the room.  Thank you Thank you.

Last night JD started to get a fever and more and more congested.  During his 2 month check-up I had mentioned that I thought he might be congested and my wonderful DR wrote out orders for RSV testing “just in case it got worse”.  I never thought I’d have to use it but last night poor JD got worse and worse.  It got to the point where he wouldn’t sleep (except for one blissful, almost 2 hour stretch) and would only eat a small fraction of what he normally does.  If he would eat at all.  I spent the entire night up taking temperatures and aspirating the poor kids nose so he could breath.  I was close to just taking him to the ER 3 or 4 times but knew that if I could just make it to 7am the lab would be open and I already had the order.  The ER is so expensive, even with insurance, and trust me when I say that we already have more medical bills than we can handle.  I was out the door at 7am to get him tested.

The man who ran the RSV test sent me into a little panic when he looked at and heard JD and simply said “looks like an RSV baby to me.”  I was grateful to him for suctioning a TON more gunk out of JD than needed for the test.  It helped him breath so much easier for a while.  Right before going back for the surgery this afternoon my doctor called and said that the RSV test came back negative.  I was so relieved I couldn’t even put it into words.  He did however want to see him and check for influenza because of how bad he’d gotten so quickly, since he had been fine just the day before.  Mom left right before the wheeled me back for surgery and picked up JD to take him in.  The influenza test also came back negative but apparently Uno had developed a pretty bad ear infection.  Good news is that there was no sign of the fever that he had the night before.  It’s so hard to see your little one so sick.  Tonight we attempted to give him is first round of antibiotic and about 2 minutes after drinking it he threw up all over Jeremy.  The 2 ounces of milk he’d just finished and all the medication.  He’s not a big puker so it was very upsetting to him.  We gave him a little bath and let him calm down before feeding him again and giving him more med’s.  If anything I think the throwing up was good because I was able to aspirate quite a bit that had been loosened up and he not only drank 4 oz (more than he has in 24 hours) but kept the medication down.  Thanks to mom cuddling with him, he is also now asleep in his crib, something that he would NOT do last night or all day with Steph.  I’m taking all these as really good signs, and hoping that he’s on the mend.  It’s been hard to have to rely on others to take care of him since I haven’t been able to today.

The surgery for me today went well.  It was postponed this morning, and even when we finally did go into the Hospital I ended up waiting almost 4 hours before they wheeled me back.  I was starving the entire time.  Kristin thank you SO SO SO much for the food you brought.  It was an awesome meal to have after not eating so long.

I did choose to be put completely under.  They ran an EKG before the surgery and the cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and my surgeon all thought I’d be ok.  It was a big relief since I really didn’t want to be awake.  Mom says that my surgeon said that the abscess was much larger than she had originally thought but that it had less fluid in it than was expected.  This is probably because of the draining last week.  I can replace the bandage on Sunday but not before so I’m not sure how it looks but apparently it’s partially open and partially stitched up.  I have a follow-up appointment with her on Tuesday and I was told to make sure and take pain meds before coming… doesn’t sound fun does it.  It hurt quite a bit post op, but 2 lortab later I was ready to be out of that uncomfortable bed.  I’m hoping tomorrow isn’t too bad and that I can keep on top of the pain.  Pumping isn’t comfortable in the least, even with the medication.  We were told that I can use the milk that I pump, just to mix it with “undrugged” milk or formula and keep an eye on JD to make sure he doesn’t start sleeping all the time.

Besides the pain, and the loopy medicated feeling, I’m doing well.  Tomorrow will be the real test if it’s at all like the draining last week was.  It’s been a very long 24 hours and I’m glad it’s over and the abscess is gone.  My little buddy seems to be on the mend too and so I hope he gets some much needed sleep tonight.  Poor little one, it just breaks your heart when he looks at you and just cries a slow sad cry.  It’s like he’s saying “it hurts mommy, make it go away.”  I love my little man.  When mom was feeding him tonight he heard me talking and pushed his head back so he could see me.  Upside-down, but he could see me.

I’m headed to bed now, hopefully JD lets mommy sleep tonight.


6 thoughts on “Big Thank You’s

  1. Glad things went well with the surgery.

    Hope JD feels better fast. I hate getting out the gunk with the bulb.

    Your welcome for the food it was not a problem.

  2. I am happy to hear that all went well with you in surgery.
    I am also happy to hear that it is just in ear infection for your lil’ Uno.
    I hope everyone got some rest-it sounds like it was needed. 🙂

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