I guess I should contribute here every know and then.  So last night I went to water polo for the first time since October?? and even then that was when I got in and scrimmaged for maybe 35 minutes with the Ute team.  Last night I was in just under 2 hours, so I decided to swim for at least 20 minutes before doing passing or anything.   Passing and everything was fine, but man my legs are terrible when I was shooting I was getting no lift and the ball was sailing over the cage.  I can say my pump fake is apparently better because I would try real hard to do that and I know exactly where to shoot it, but since I have not played in forever I was sinking and not high enough and then missing most shots.

Then we starting scrimmage and the first hour was only 4 on 4 until more people showed up and that was AWESOME!!  not really I was so slow and real tired.   With only 4 instead of 6 that sucks even when you do play regularly.  So today I am at work and my abs, legs, and arms hurt but it was fun.  Hopefully when I start going more I will be OK.  I think I got back in at the right time to be in better playing shape for the few upcoming tournaments and the summer league that starts in June.  Oh yeah!!


4 thoughts on “Soreness

  1. I can hardly tred water for 5 min with just my head out of the water, let alone do it for 2 hours. That takes strength.

  2. Just reading what you wrote made me tired! Eric felt the same way when he started playing with Art again…tired and out of shape. The nice thing about you guys…you’ll get it back before you know it! 🙂

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