False Alarm

Just after 2am this morning the alarm on JD’s monitor sounded. I happened to be awake and trying to catch up on every one’s blogs so I went dashing into the room. I turned off the alarm and checked on JD, who was fast asleep…. in the corner of his crib. How he scoots himself all the way up there is beyond me. I have started to put him to bed at almost the opposite end and I always find him much further up than he was left. Here are some pictures of my sleep scooter. The first two are how I found him. The last one is after I grabbed his little feet and simply pulled him back down a bit. He didn’t even wake up.


I could increase the sensitivity on the monitor so it will detect his movements even in the corner.  The reason I don’t is because I like having it alarm when he’s wedged in the corner of his crib.  Tonight wasn’t too bad but the other morning I went in because the alarm was sounding (the only other time with him in the crib) and he was crying with his little arm between the mattress and the wall.  It wasn’t a tight enough fit to cause him any harm but I think it just scared him.  I’d heard him fussing a little and was getting his bottle ready when it went off that time. I love this little monitor more and more every day.



OH and I have decided the trick to having him sleep past 4 hours is to:

  • Feed him as much as possible
  • Burp him well
  • Change his diaper
  • Put him to sleep on his tummy
  • The most important one… stay awake myself. He always seems to sleep longer when I’m not sleeping.  I’m not joking.  He’s slept for 5 straight hours so far tonight and I’ve yet to go to bed.  You know the minute I do he’ll be up.

Here are a few pictures from last week when we went out to eat with some of my family. Yes my mother is giving him a french fry, and yes I made her put it down.

frenchfry.jpg bottle.jpg


OK now I’m headed to bed.  I’ll let you know if he makes it past the 5 hours or if he wakes up 3 seconds after I fall asleep.  🙂


9 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. Kiddo scooted too and always wanted to be on her tummy. I ended up co-sleeping with her because I was so terrified… not doing that again. She was 7 and I’d remarried before she really slept through the night in her own bed. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. What a cutie, he’s going to crawl before you know it! I call the good sleeping until you try to go to bed “The Curse”. I swear those little guys have some sort of relaxation radar, they KNOW when you are finally allowing yourself to relax. I got to the point where as soon as my kids were in bed for a nap or the night I would be almost running to bed just to off-set the curse and get enough sleep.

  3. Told you! 🙂

    That initial beep can make me move FAST to keep the alarm from waking him up!

    Daniel likes the end of his crib, as well.

    What cute pics-just wait until he starts rolling!

  4. No it’s not apnea… it’s paranoia. 🙂 Since he’s a tummy sleeper we got a motion monitor that goes off if there is no movement (including breathing) for 20 seconds or more.

    And he did wake up within 2 minutes of me going to bed. 🙂

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