Under the Knife

Jer and I just got out of the surgical consult and it looks like I’ll be having outpatient surgery on Friday. I’m not excited about the fact I’ll be awake during the procedure. Apparently thanks to the cardiomyopathy they aren’t comfortable putting me totally out. On the otherhand if I could handle him draining me last week with only that one little numbing injection then it should be a-ok. Look at me trying to be all optimistic!

On another note. Jeff didn’t make it out to visit. Jer is bummed. Jeremy and I did play killer bunnies last night. He beat me so badly it wasn’t even fun. Well for me anyway.

3 thoughts on “Under the Knife

  1. Oh man Will and I were board yesterday… Oh well.

    Man best of luck with the surgery. You are a lot braver then I am.

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