Great Weekend

Jeremy and I had a wonderful night away from reality.  The Melting Pot was spectacular.  Having a reservation for 8:50pm was not fun since it takes about 2 hours for all four courses.  The food was just as good as we remember it being before and it was great to be able to spend that much time just chatting and enjoying ourselves.  The hotel (Holiday Inn Express) was great too.  The bed had a Tempur-Pedic King sized mattress and we loved it.  The 2 person jet tub was also very nice.  I was surprised just how great our room was, there was even a fridge and microwave.  I wish we’d decided to splurge for two nights, but you do what you can right?  Since Jeremy works for Intercontinental Hotel Group we were able to get the room at a great price and I told Jeremy that since we can get that room for what some people spend on just “date night” that we should go up there more often, once every few months.  It was really wonderful to recharge with Jeremy and spend time on our own.  Not only away from JD for a night but also not in the house with everyone.  It can be hard to feel like you have alone time with two other families in the home.

Tonight we went to Soup and Scones at my Grandma C’s house.  It’s a family get together that she has once a month, and I love it.  Jer and I love spending time with the family and we often laugh a lot while we are there.  When Will and Kristin showed up my grandma made a comment about JD being bigger than Sierra.  JD is almost 2 months old, Sierra is  4 months old.  Jeremy decided to see how much JD weighs.  After weighing himself he picked up JD and discovered that our little Uno is now 13 pounds!  Kristin let me know a little later that Sierra is also 13 pounds.  Sure enough our little monster has passed up petite little Sierra.  I find myself having to put away more and more of his clothes because they don’t fit anymore.  Little outfits that were HUGE on him when he came home are now back in a bin waiting for another child to need them.  On top of his growth he’s becoming so much more alert.  Tonight he even leaned for Steph to pick him up when Art was holding him.  I was told that it would take him up to a year to catch up to others his age, but I’ve yet to feel like he’s really behind schedule.

Jeremy’s brother Jeff is coming into town tomorrow and we are excited.  Hopefully we can fit a game of Killer Bunnies in with him while he’s here.  We taught him last time he was out and it was a blast.  I have to meet with the surgeon Tuesday morning and Jer has made sure he can be there.  Hopefully it doesn’t go too long so that we can spent time with Jeff.


3 thoughts on “Great Weekend

  1. Bobbie it was only a matter of time before JD out grew Sierra… Come on look at the other Maxwell babies. Katies kid came out bigger then Sierra, and Bright was bigger then Jason with in a month or so.

    I hope you have a great time with Jeff!

  2. Hooray for great weekends! I am glad that you and Jeremy got some good alone time. You totally deserve it. And I can’t believe how big your little Uno has become. I need to come and visit! Maybe I can sneak down there sometime this week. Good luck today with the DR. appointment. I hope it goes well.

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