Less Pain

Today was much better than yesterday.  I was still in pain, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was.  I did get a call from the doctor, he said because the abscess was so deep he wasn’t able to drain the entire thing so the surgeon will either make a larger incision and drain it again or just decide to operate.  I told Jer today that I’d almost rather just ask for the operation at this point.  The thought of them just draining it again , making the hole bigger and going through the ‘after’ pain with the chance it will not work is just about more than I can handle.  Knock me out, take it out, and then let me deal with all the pain all at once instead of having it spread over weeks of draining it.  Make sense?  We shall find out more Tuesday I guess.

Little Uno was a pill today.  He’s been fussy the past two days, maybe it’s because what little bit of a routine he had has been messed up.  GOOD news is that since he’s been on his tummy he is sleeping for 3-5 hour chunks.  I am not getting much sleep.  I stay awake most of the night and then when I do doze off I’m constantly waking up to check on him.  I’m getting mighty uncomfortable on the love-seat in the nursery however so I may move him back into his moses basket in our room for a bit longer, or  at least until we can get the motion monitor for his crib.   I know I’m paranoid, and you can all tease me if you want, but I worked too darn hard to get this kid into the world and I’m not ready to have him leave any time soon.

I am excited to have our little Anniversary get away this weekend.  We downgraded our hotel (since quite frankly I may still be in a lot of pain) but we are still doing our fancy dinner.  A full night sleep is such an exciting thought to both of us, aren’t we just the typical first time parents?  Trish, Michael and KK are so excited to watch JD.  I think Trish likes training KK for her upcoming little sister.  We are lucky to have so many so close to us that are willing to watch him.   I am fully aware it’s not common for a tired first time mom to be able to hand off the baby at night to Grandma and Grandpa so she can eat and relax for a moment.  One of the MANY blessings we have because we are living with our family.


4 thoughts on “Less Pain

  1. I used to love to be able to “hand off” the kid to grandpa to put to sleep so I could shower, eat, clean up, etc. It was great…now I’ll have a Kailye…lol:) I hope your infection gets better and you can be done with some of your medical crap. Love you!

  2. Okay, I agree that maybe you should just have the srugery. That is a big bummer.
    YAY…for sleeping babies. No…you are not paranoid. I was the same way. 🙂 Wait…they might not be a good thing-hee,hee,hee!
    Have a great weekend. When we move there…I want a turn at keeping UNO! 🙂

  3. Ouch! Sounds like life has handed you a full plate of both blessings and trials. How wonderful to have family “in house”!

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