Lookin Fly

JD went to church for the first time yesterday.  I was asleep and Jer decided not to wake me since I’d been up all night.  I was sad I missed his first day but it was so nice to be able to sleep a bit.  Jeremy said he just slept in his car seat the entire time.

He left the camera in the nursery with pictures on it for me of JD all dressed up.  I am his mom, I know, but I think he’s the cutest boy ever.


I wish I could say he slept for 5 + hours last night, I would have even taken 4 hours.  He woke up every 2-3 hours to eat.  I think it’s a combo of a growth spurt as well as a bit of a cold.  He’s a little congested and has a titch of a fever.  I called the nurse and she told me I’m doing everything correct and to watch him through the night.  If he is still having problems tomorrow they want me to bring him in.  They were also worried to hear that I had him sleeping on his tummy.  I told her he breathes easier and we’ve tried everything else (inclines, sleep positioners, etc).  She finally said ‘Ok, but watch him really close.’  I’m already paranoid and sleeping on the love seat in the nursery so I’m not sure how much closer I could watch him.  My mom’s opinion is that its a wonder any of us lived since we all slept on our tummies.  The problem is that the nurses and doctors have drilled it into our heads that it’s not ok and so it terrifies me. 


This weekend Jeremy and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary.  It feels like it’s been so much longer.  We have decided to make a full night of it.  We have a room booked at the Anniversary Inn and are going to eat at the Melting Pot.  Yay for tax return money.  Trish and Michael are going ot watch JD and KK is so excited.  It will be nice to get away just the two of us in our own little space for a whole 2 days.  We are both looking forward to it and very thankful that we have family support to help us out.


8 thoughts on “Lookin Fly

  1. What a pimp outfit. Am I to old to say that?

    My mom says the same thing about the tummy. We lie Seirra on her side.

    Oh that would be a nice break!

  2. i ranted about the whole “back to sleep” thing a few months ago when garrett aspirated in the middle of the night. my boys have both slept on their tummies.

    that outfit is adorable! i’m glad you were able to get a sleeping break.

  3. Adorable! I’m thinking a day for every year you’re married sounds like a really great idea! Should there be a ceiling on that?!

  4. I’m like Katie and don’t like it because of aspiration. So when Ally sleeps with me she’s on her side and when she’s not, she’s in her amby bed which props her up. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d totally recommend you get one. Her doctor’s a big fan (I never mention the co-sleeping though, I got a lecture with my son).

  5. My family’s babies all slept on their tummies and they’d just get a tiny fan attached to the side of the crib to blow fresh air onto the baby.
    Don’t know if that helps…

    But look how CUTE he is!!!

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