Baby Free

Trish decided to watch JD for me a little this afternoon.  I believe all the kids, (along with Trish and Steph) were headed to a local park.  Since he’s been gone I’ve been running around like a mad woman getting things cleaned up.  My bedroom is almost done and hasn’t looked this good since the little one was born!  His room is next and I’m hoping I have time to get it done, along with the last of the laundry, before she brings him home.

Last night was much better than previous ones.  It could be that at one point I gave up and pulled JD into bed with me to sleep.  He slept for almost 4 hours straight and it was awesome for me to catch up a little.  I am glad I am more rested than normal because today I found out I’ll be needing surgery in the next couple of weeks.  To make a very long story short, I developed Mastitis in my right breast.  After 2 rounds of antibiotics and it just getting worse and growing I was sent in for an ultrasound to have it looked at today.  It’s turned into a big, ugly, and very painful abscess.  I meet with a surgeon on the 11th.  I’m glad it’s not an emergency and needing to be done sooner, however the pain makes me wish I didn’t have to wait quite so long.  I’m not thrilled about the whole situation, considering I have to talk to my cardiologist about the heart and surgery and what not… but what can you do.  Guess it is a good thing we decided I should stop working. The good news is that there were two other lumps the doctor found that he was really concerned about.  The ultrasound showed them to be cysts and not tumors.  YAY!  I like good news.

I WILL get pictures up tonight, I just want to get everything else done first before I either crash and burn or JD gets home!


4 thoughts on “Baby Free

  1. I was hoping that you would not have to have surgery, but then again you probably were hoping that too. Well that is a good thing that they are going to be able to take care of you relativly soon.

    I am excited to see how JD has grown.

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