Wow, a Post!!

As you can tell by the lack of blogging, I’m still adjusting to being a mommy. I think poor Jeremy is also so sleep deprived that he can’t concentrate long enough to blog either. JD is asleep (WAHOO) so I decided to blog before heading to bed. The problem with me not blogging recently is that I use our blog as a journal, and if there was ever a time to document it’s when you have a baby right?

The car is wonderful. I’ve decided it was a blessing our other one got totalled. I mean if your car has to get wrecked you should make sure it’s broken down anyway and no one is in it! That’s my advice to all of you. The color we got is actually a Steel Gray. Jer has been amazing at keeping it clean. For those of you that don’t know how Jeremy is with cars… clean can be a feat sometimes. I have trash baggies and even wipes in there for him to keep it nice. He thinks it’s nice that I don’t complain every time I get in. The trunk is huge (my old one was also) and so even with our massive stroller in it there is plenty of room. Jeremy’s favorite feature is the built in XM radio. We already had XM in the old car but it was a separate unit and really kind of looked white trash. Since Jer is in the car so much he really likes the extra stations.

JD is getting so big. We weighed him yesterday, ok well honestly I was on the scale at the Doctors office and then I had Jeremy hand him to me really fast. Simple subtraction let us know that JD is now over 10 pounds! Can you believe it. He is starting to outgrow the few newborn outfits he had and we aren’t having to roll up sleeves or pants as much. We call him “The Grunter”. The kid grunts all the time. Some baby’s coo, ours grunts. I can’t even tell you all what a blessing he is for us and how everything we’ve gone through to get him was worth it!

I officially turned in all my Continental stuff today. It is so hard for me to think I am no longer employed outside being a mom. When I was dropping off my badge my supervisor took me on a tour of the new building. It’s so nice. Seeing everyone again and talking about work made me second guess my decision a little, but I know that we made the right choice. I left on good terms and so hopefully they will be hiring when we get to a position where I might want to work again.

We’ve been dealing with some new medical issues, and it’s starting to get very discouraging. I had a Neurologist today tell me that I’m what they call a “head scratcher”. I just once want to go in to the doctor for something and have it be no big deal and something that’s easily fixable. I’m actually getting to the point where I don’t want to go to the doctor at all anymore at all, ever.  This week I’ve had 3 appointments with 3 different doctors and I have one more on Friday. I thought I was done with all the medical stuff after JD was born. I’m emotionally done with it but apparently not physically. The biggest blessing is that my little Uno makes it all worth it. Even when I have a bad day I remember 2 things, I have him and I’m still alive to enjoy it.

I was going to post some pictures tonight, however I’m falling asleep while I type (yes it’s possible) so I’d better go try and snooze before I get woken up.


7 thoughts on “Wow, a Post!!

  1. Well I am glad that w=you were able to post. We have missed your blogs.

    I am glad that JD is growing well and the car sounds great.

    Will and I are hoping to stop by sometime this weekend.

  2. seriously? a “head scratcher”? that’s great news to hear from a doctor… oh so comforting! I don’t understand what it is lately that doctor’s aren’t able to figure out what is wrong with all of my friends and family! I hope you feel and get better soon, and I’m so glad you have your little man and big man to take care of you. And I’m glad you got a second to post so we could see what y’all are up to!

  3. I hope all goes well with the doctor’s on Friday and the news today. I love when doctors can’t find whats wrong with you..been there. Your kid IS a grunter, it’s so funny, Kk wants to take him tomorrow night if that’s okay with you?

  4. You sound in very good spirits, even with medical stuff going on … Glad you like the new car. And that you are alive and well and enjoying that baby!

    I have to see a neurologist today, too. Bah.

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