Catchin Up

Sunday: JD was blessed on Sunday.  My nephew “cheeks” (Michael) was also blessed on Sunday.  They did it at my parents ward, but since JD can’t go to church yet we blessed him at home after.  I tried to find him a cute little white outfit however after 2 days of tears and having to return anything I found because it was too big we just settled on a onsie and blue pants.  I think it makes him look like the ultimate old man.  He loved being bounced in the circle during the blessing and Jeremy did such a wonderful job.  It was fun to have both babies around during the weekend.  It’s amazing to look at Cheeks and JD and realize they are only 3 weeks apart.  JD looks so small.  Kailye started calling them “Fatty” and “Alien” instead of Michael and JD.  Oh the mind of a 4 year old.   


Monday: Jer had to work but most everyone else had the day off.  Since Katy was still in town all the girls (well and JD and Cheeks) went to see a movie.  It was fun to get away with everyone and JD is still pretty good through them.  Monday night was a big night for JD because he started to smile.  He even spit out his binky to smile at Steph.  We can’t get him to do it consistently yet.  When I can I’ll catch a grin on camera for you all.

Tuesday: Nothing much happened yesterday.  Jeremy and I had some long talks about me working or not.  We have some tough choices to make in the next few days.  Lots of prayers will be said while we try and decide what is best for our little family.

Today: It’s noon and I’m still in PJ’s needing to shower.  Sometimes working things around a newborn is fun!  JD is 5 weeks old today and it’s amazing to me how much he’s grown already.  The newborn onsies that were too big for him when he came home are a few days away from being to small!  Here are some pictures of the many faces of JD.


I have to return the rental car today.  We are still waiting on the check from the insurance company so we can go purchase our car.  I’m praying it comes tomorrow, more realistically however it won’t come till Friday.  Good news is that we know exactly what we are getting and have been working with the dealership for a few weeks now, so at least we won’t have to start from scratch. 


10 thoughts on “Catchin Up

  1. It was fun to see all of you on Sunday. JD was so cute on Sunday in his blessing attire. Sometimes I think those are the best kind of outfits. I still can’t believe how big he is getting! Good luck with the whole car thing. I hope that you are pleasantly surprised by an early check. (=

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! I didn’t get those… 🙂
    Those boys are soo cute in their own right. I just love that ‘little man’! 🙂
    Good luck with the car…

  3. JD and I have had a special bond since the beginning……..gag!!! Love that baby (and fatty fatty too). I think his blessing outfit is almost exactly the same as Parks was (or did he have white pants and a blue shirt…I could not find anything!!). What a little cutie:)

  4. Why wasn’t I invited?! That’s what I want to know!

    I’m kidding, of course. I’m so happy for you guys! He’s so adorable and every new picture is cuter than the last!

  5. “ultimate old man”
    Exactly our thoughts about Grayson!

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw you blessed JD already, until I read you did it at home. We’re probably going to wait until May to bless our little dude.

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