Tummy Time

This afternoon Jer put the dogs in their kennel and I laid JD down for some tummy time. He wasn’t fussy at all so I hopped online. About 5 minutes later I turned around and he had worked his way about 6 inches forward on his blanket, but his poor pants weren’t going with him. He really is his daddy’s boy. Poor guys don’t have tushes to hold their pants up!



I love that he’s starting to fill out a bit. Such a handsome boy.

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9 thoughts on “Tummy Time

  1. it’s not even tiny… it’s smaller than that. What you see in the picture is all diaper. I’ve never seen a baby with less of a tush than this one. It goes from his legs to his back with no little bum to speak of. With all the Junk in my trunk it’s kind of a shocker.

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