Not Gonna Happen?

Jeremy mumbles in his sleep every once in a while. I can’t often make out what he is saying, and if I talk to him while he is doing it he’ll wake up. Once he was reciting a shopping list but what he did last night takes the cake. I was crawling into bed after taking care of Uno and Jeremy says “Not gonna happen, ha ha ha”. He literally said Ha ha ha. I started to laugh so hard. He woke up but couldn’t remember why he had said it. I can only imagine what he was dreaming.

Tonight my ward is throwing an open house for JD. For the occasion he is wearing a pirate shirt. Don’t you love his super long arms? He’s like a little old man version of his daddy. I wish I had a baby picture of Jeremy so I could compare them, however the youngest picture I’ve ever seen of Jer was when he was in High School. Here’s what the little man looks like right now, and I’m going to try and find my baby picture to see if he looks like me at all (besides his nose).

jdpirate.jpg babypic.jpg img00310.jpg

I’m the one in the middle… duh hu.


6 thoughts on “Not Gonna Happen?

  1. Wow! I guess he’s gonna be off the height charts then too, huh?! I love it when babies look like little old men. Have you ever noticed they don’t look like little old ladies? Why is that?!

    Hope the open house was fun!

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