PGHS Class of 1998


This summer is my 10 year High School class reunion.  I am in charge of planning the daytime park activity (I was Senior Class Sec.).  I thought it would be nice to have a family friendly daytime activity instead of just a dinner for adults during the evening.  Now that it’s all getting closer and I haven’t planned much I’m starting to think if I was smart to bite off so much when I just had JD, and we’re still dealing with the Cardiomyopathy.  SO I’m turning to all of you for ideas.  I want to keep it as cheap per person/family as possible and the plan is to have it at a local park.  That’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  I know some of you that might read this are PGHS 1998 Alumni, so what would you guys want to do?!

Other than planning reunions, life here is still just as busy.  JD is doing wonderfully and growing all the time.  He’s already up to 7 pounds.  We are still working on keeping him more awake during the day so he’ll sleep at night but the boy can sleep through anything and is hard to wake up once he’s out.  It’s quite funny, well it’s funny until it’s 3am and he wants to interact and be held and I just want to sleep.  I do have to say that he’s a dream baby, we are really blessed because he’s so good.

We are still waiting to hear from the insurance company about the car.  If I don’t have a call from them soon informing me of a settlement for our car then I’m going to send my insurance company after them.  It’s nice we have a rental car and everything but I want my own car, and Jeremy can’t drive the rental so it’s a pain for everyone here because we have to play car shuffle every day.

Last night we took a drive up to Kaysville and visited with my cousin’s Kelly and Nic.  Their kids haven’t spent a lot of time around Jeremy and they took to him right away.  It was fun to take JD up to see them.  Nic was in the delivery room with us and she hadn’t seen him since he was born.   I wish we didn’t get tired so early so we might have been able to stay longer but Jeremy and I were tired and headed home by 9pm.


6 thoughts on “PGHS Class of 1998

  1. At least you made it till nine. I find I have to keep planning activities earlier and earlier because my kids just don’t do well with late nights anymore. Think of it as the blessings of a baby:)

  2. Yeah for visiting! We loved having you here and the next day JD was all Maren would talk about. Thanks for coming to see us. It is our turn next. (=

    Good luck with the reunion. I wish I had some good ideas but since I didn’t even graduate from HS I am not much help. Sorry. (=

  3. My husband’s 10 year reunion was almost 3 years ago. They did the same thing, family lunch at a park, everyone just brought their own lunches for their families and I think there was just water provided, maybe popsicles too. That’s it. No activities, no need really because people just wanted to talk and catch up. Just keep it simple, no need to stress.

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