We’ve Been Plowed

That’s right, we’ve been plowed.  Snow plowed to be exact.  Lets start at the beginning shall we?


Thursday afternoon I get a call from Jeremy, who is stuck on the freeway.  Our car died and poor Jer couldn’t even get to the right had side of the road.  He was sitting in the car stuck on the left hand side of the freeway in SLC.  Dad was able to go get him and tow him with his truck to Walmart on 13th south.  They thought it was the Battery, so they purchased one.  Guess what, not the battery.  Dad decides it’s something with the fuel line and they leave it there overnight.

Today after Jer got off work he stopped by (thanks for letting us borrow the truck dad) and checked to see if the car would start.  It not only started but ran for 10 minutes so Jeremy headed home to get dad so they could go back up and drive it home.  Mom, Dad and Jeremy headed out around 5:45pm.  I get a text from Jeremy after a while, saying that the car had died yet again and he was headed back down with mom and dad.  It died on the 13th South on-ramp, but they were able to get off the road on the right, called the highway patrol, and left the hazards on  Mom and dad had gotten tickets to a 7pm movie so Art and Steph ran to pick Jer up from the theater and bring him home.  Here’s where the fun really starts…

Jeremy gets a call from the towing company saying that when they got to the car the highway patrol was there because the car had been hit by a snow plow.  A SNOW PLOW!  Jer was on and off the phone with towing people and the patrol officer for a little while.  From what we understand our car is totalled.  The officer told Jeremy that “it’s gone”, that the truck “ripped off the back axle”.  I have yet to see it, we’ll head out in the morning to see what the damage is and snap some pictures.  I’m glad that yesterday when Jeremy was leaving the car at Walmart I had him get our brand new stroller out of the trunk.

We are so lucky because Jer almost stayed with the car and waited for the tow truck.  Things could be so much worse, and I’m glad they aren’t.


3 thoughts on “We’ve Been Plowed

  1. Also as a side note about this, I take off at the early time of 450am to head to the radio station and realized I left my key card in the Hyundai. I start to freak out so I call Dave who is with the Golf show at Thanksgiving Point and he dosent have his card either on him. So I am freaking out and I was listening X96 and remembered they have an overnight DJ so I had to wake Bobbie up at 530ish to get the studio line and thankfully the DJ let me in.

  2. Good grief! I am so glad that Jeremy wasn’t in the car and that you both are ok. And that the stroller is ok. On the bright side at least you won’t have to worry about your car dying on you again on the freeway. (=

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