It’s BACK!!

Probably the best TV show in years is back on tonight after being off since a very long 8 plus months. Last night ABC showed the season finale of season 3 which was very good, but it has a VH1 pop up video style which was pretty humorous at times and gave some good info people may have forgot. With most other shows not going on because the strike lost has 8 of their 16 episodes ready to air, so you get lost for at least 8 weeks in a row. If you havent seen this show go buy he seasons of rent them from Blockbuster to watch them this show is too good to miss. The show is at the half way point with 48 episodes left before tonights premiere. On a side note on the show I was reading on Yahoo about ‘Lost’ and they mentioned that if you haven’t seen the show now is a good time to jump in on it? I would think not because there is so much stuff you would not know.
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9 thoughts on “It’s BACK!!

  1. Personally, I liked Lost until Heroes blew it out of the water (figuratively). Thanks for the Heads Up about the popups. I’ll have to see our recorded episode . . .

  2. We have to get caught up on seasons two and three and then we will watch! Oh, and I agree with Will, Hereos is better (but Lost is still good)!

  3. Y’know, I was so mad at JJ when he abandoned Alias (which was THE best show) for LOST, I refused to watch it. My friends all tell me to watch it, that if I loved Alias, I’ll love LOST, but I’d have to watch all the back epis first and I don’t have the time for that.

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