It’s been so wonderful to have JD home.  Jeremy and I have been adjusting.  The first night he was an angel.  Woke up every 4 hours to eat and that was it.  Since then he’s been a bit more unpredictable, you know like a normal baby.  Last night was heaven because Jeremy didn’t have to be up early so he was able to help me with 2 of the night time feedings/diaper changes and I was able to get more sleep. 

JD’s biliruben count has been slowly increasing again.  Last night the doctor called and told us to feed him every two hours and get his labs done again today.  We haven’t heard from them yet about the results but if it’s above a certain number it’s back to the hospital he goes, we are hoping this won’t be the case. 


4 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Yay for being home! I am glad that you have been adjusting to everything. Having kids does make you tired though. I hope that his Bilirubin count goes back down and that you get to keep JD at home with you. You are in our prayers!!!

  2. Good luck with everything… I’m already experiencing sleepless nights, I guess it’s HF’s way of preparing me! I hope he doesn’t have to go back to the hospital.

  3. oh man am I dreading having one of those “real babies”. kk definitely was not. I’m
    glad JD is home, so that you and Jeremy get to see him all day long.

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