Water Pills

I got a call this morning from my Cardiologist.  After consulting with another cardiologist they decided to start me on the Diuretic Lasix since some of the breathing problems have returned (don’t worry, it’s not too bad).  They are thinking that it’s either excess fluid causing my heart to weaken or that the labor has done more damage.  I’m hoping it’s just the fluid.  Within a few days we should be able to tell.  I will also have to take some potassium because it can cause mineral loss.  Guess this means the kankles will be going away soon, and that’s good since they’ve gotten even worse.  All my medications have been checked and double checked to make sure they won’t harm the baby because I’m breastfeeding.  I go back and see them in a week.

JD is doing awesome!!  I am proud to say he passed his car seat test with flying colors.  The only thing that happened was that he was left in the seat for over 3 hours instead of 90 minutes.  Granted it didn’t even phase him.  The nurses changed shifts after he was placed in the seat and apparently the leaving nurse forgot to mention (or the night nurse didn’t hear) how long he had already been in for.   He’s a really mellow baby for now.  His new neighbor in the NICU is always crying and it makes me realize how good he is.  All the nurses love him and I’m told often he’s a “favorite”.  Let’s hope the calm mood lasts and he’s taken after his daddy.


4 thoughts on “Water Pills

  1. Two things:
    1- Reading about all the medication they put you on reminds me of Grandma because she took a lot of the same ones…..You Grandma:)
    2- What in the world will we do with a mellow baby around here. I’m sure my boys will be working on that in no time:) Just kidding, they aren’t so bad any more!

  2. YAY for easy babies! I have always ‘hoped’ that my children have their father’s easy going personality. Mine-well we ALL know it sometimes isn’t easy. 😛

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