Bye Bye Bili

Our little Uno the Burrito is no longer under lights for his Biliruben count.  He was taken off of them this afternoon.  He is still being treated for the infection and the 7 days will be up Thursday so that should be our big day back home.  Today he is going to do his Carseat check.  On babies here at the NICU they have you bring in your car seat and they put the baby in it for 90 minutes while they are still hooked up to all the monitors.  They need know that his little body can maintain itself out of the bed at the NICU.  As long as he passes the 90 minute test, continues to eat well and has all the blood work they are running now come back good then he will celebrate his 1 week birthday at home.

I also have to just say that getting 3 hours of sleep vs. 2 hours of sleep makes SUCH a difference!  He slept for 4 hours after I fed him at midnight last night and so once I got back to my room, pumped and fell asleep I was able to get an amazing and wonderful 3 full hours of snooze time!!  WAHOOOOOOOOOO!  I’m sure many of you realize just how amazing that is.

Your prayers have helped us so much.  Last week here they were so busy they were keeping mothers in Labor and Delivery till rooms down on the Mother and Baby floor were open.  Since I was discharged on Saturday I have been able to stay in my room every night.  Even tonight after being told yesterday it would probably be too busy.  It’s been wonderful to not have to leave him here.

Jeremy and I got the car seat base installed in our car.  It was quite the comedy of errors.  Someone should have video taped the fiasco.  I am pleased to say it’s all installed and ready to rumble!  I just want to say THANKS to Mickey for giving us the seat.  I’m glad you never needed it with Mac, it’s perfect!!

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bili

  1. Small babies have to do the car seat test too. Both of my kids had to. Jason even failed the first time.

    7 days is so much better then 14. Glad to hear the process has taken a turn for the best.

  2. Yeah, I was so disappointed when Jason failed the car seat. We’ve made him sit in it once a day for 95 minutes for the last 2 years. He’ll never fail that one again!

  3. Hooray for Thursday and hooray for the end of bili lights and hooray for 4 hours of sleep! I hope that he passes the car seat test and that things continue to go great.

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