Oh Bili!


Good news, the culture they had that was causing all the concern about Strep B and Meningitis was found to be contaminated!  There is still an infection but not one as bad as they originally thought.  This means that he won’t have to have the full 14 + days of treatment and he may be home as early as Wednesday!!  WEDNESDAY!  He’s been feeding really well, gaining a little weight and those are both great signs for a baby as early as he was.

There was some bad news today however.  Overnight his Biliruben count jumpped sky high.  He’s back on lights, even more powerful ones this time.  Also to help they have me breast feeding him as often as possible.   So far I’m still in my room at the hospital.  As long as it stays slow I should be good for one more night.  It’s been an amazing blessing to be this close to him.  With only one car and Jeremy needing to get back to work (not to mention the weather) I would have to be staying here anyway and this room is much more comfortable than the waiting room.

I love you all.  I hope no one was offended by my post yesterday, I didn’t mean it to sound upset about the comments about resting.  I am overwhelmed by the love and support from family and friends, and I hope you all know that.  Without your prayers, love, comments and amazing support we would be in much worse shape.  For those of you that asked, Jeremy and his brother were able to give JD a blessing yesterday evening.


6 thoughts on “Oh Bili!

  1. I laugh at people who tell you to enjoy your rest. Like you getting any:) I’m glad he is doing so well. He’s so cute. I can’t wait until you can take him home and we can all play with him some more.

  2. Glad things look better. I keep hoping that since most of the boys in this family have had billirubin problems that maybe his will be like theirs and he will be better soon!!!! LOVE YA!

  3. Yeah for the good news about the infection! Boo for the increase in Bili! I am sorry that it has cropped up again. I hope that you get to bring him home tomorrow. What a blessing that would be. He is such a cutie!!!

  4. Well I’m glad he gets to come home soon, if he still needs the lights will they let you take some home to put him under? Or would he have to stay longer if his counts are still high? I will hope and pray for the best for you guys! Good luck!

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