Enjoy the Rest?

Jeremy laughs every time he hears someone tell me to enjoy the rest or sleep I’m getting while JD is in the NICU.  I will be honest, I can sleep much more comfortably now than I have been able to for months, however the longest stretch of sleep I’ve had since I was induced was 2 hours.  You see because JD is being breast fed I am called down to feed him every 2.5-3 hours.  After I’ve fed him I come back and pump breast milk for between 15-25 minutes and then run it back down to the NICU so they have it for later when I am no longer in the hospital, just in case I can’t make it for a feeding.  It is true that I don’t have to change diapers, but other than that I’m trying to be as active in JD’s recovery and life as I can be right now.  I do have to say that my favorite time of day is the night.  My little Uno is most awake during the night time feedings and I love talking to him while he stares at me.  It’s the most amazing thing in the world and I’m eternally grateful for the blessing of family in my life.


Jeremy and I got the chance to go to Sacrament meeting here at the hospital today.  It was a unique experience to be in slippers and PJ’s while taking the sacrament but it was truly special to me.  The subject of the one speaker and all the hymns was “The Family”.  It was very hard not to be too emotional during the service.  I am truly blessed.  First for having the most amazing and supportive husband.   Secondly for finally being able to hold our little one in my arms.

JD is doing well, as a matter of fact there is a small chance that he may be able to come home this week sometime!  They are taking him off some of his medications and hopefully the IV will be out soon also.  He’s having a hard time maintaining his body temperature, but I have faith it will work out.  I’m trying not to get too excited but it’s hard not to when you here there is a chance!  I’m still staying in the hospital tonight and there is a decent chance I will be able to keep the room tomorrow also.  If not I’ll be spending a lot of time in the waiting room for the NICU.

On a lighter note… check out these ankles.  The swelling has been worse the past 2 days than it was when I was pregnant!  I have talked to the nurses and they say it’s normal for it to get worse before it gets better and just to remember to tell my Cardiologist on Tuesday.  I may be a chubby girl but I’ve always loved that I have thin ankles and not kankles… so much for that!


12 thoughts on “Enjoy the Rest?

  1. It is so good to hear that he is doing much better.

    That is pretty cool they do sacrement meeting in the hospitle. Of course they would here, it’s Utah.

  2. Hey, I was wondering if Jeremy has given JD a blessing? Maybe that would make him more likely to come home sooner, right?

  3. Yes actually. Jer and his brother were able to give him a blessing last night. Today he’s back on the lights and things aren’t looking as good as yesterday. I will post a blog later.

  4. That would be kind of intriguing, to go to Church in my PJ’s and slippers. There’s probably going to be ups and downs, but eventually he’ll get to come home. Hang in there.

    Man those ARE Cankles, poor thing!

  5. Well, that’s the first time I personally had heard you were actually breastfeeding. Jeremy said you were feeding him, but didn’t specify how exactly. So that’s good news. I didn’t stay in the hospital while Micah was there, so I pumped when I could and had the nurses bottle feed him overnight.

  6. JD is so cute and I am so happy for you and the time you get to spend with him. Your faith is amazing and you are very lucky to have such an amazing husband! JD is in our prayers and we hope he can come home to you soon too.

  7. I am sooo happy to hear that you are able to be with JD as much as possible! I remember when my ankles looked like that…I promise they don’t look like that now! 😉

  8. I had to do the same thing with Max when he was a newborn in the hospital. He came home at 8 days. I was so tired I hardly remember a thing. (So I’m saying I totally get you!)

    Your baby is beautiful.

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