This evening Jeremy and I got a visit from a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist.  The results of the Spinal Tap showed an elevated white blood cell count.  The tested spinal fluid ended up having some blood in it, but even with the small amount of blood the specialist decided the white cell count was too high.  They are still trying to find out exactly what the infection is, we are learning that some of these cultures and tests take time.  They believe it is a Group B Strep infection (they know it is a strain of strep).

Group B strep is something they test pregnant women for.  I was tested the day before my induction, however it takes 2 days for results so they were unsure at the time of labor if I had it.  They treated me with Penicillin during the labor and delivery as a precaution.  Preemie’s are more likely to get the strep when born if the mother has it due to their immune systems.

IF it is GBS (Group B Strep) then we are lucky that they have already started treating JD with anibiotics the first night he was born.  If gone untreated or severe it could lead to many things from brain damage to death.  The Specialist said that JD is doing well and he just wanted us to know all the details, pro’s and con’s.

What this means to us now is that JD will be in the NICU here for at least 14 days so that they can treat him.  There are risks treating him with anibiotics for that long but it FAR out weighs the risks of the GBS.

I do have to add there is a chance it is not GBS, time will tell.  This is just the most current information we have.  JD is doing well despite all that is going on around him.  He is still on lights for his Biliruben count being high but I get to feed him often  and the nurses are really wonderful here at the NICU.  It will be very hard to leave him tomorrow but we are SO blessed to live so close, I plan on spending a lot of time here if I can.  No one wants to go home from the hospital without their child, but he’s our little Uno and I want what is the very best for him.

Here are two sites with information about GBS if you are interested:


9 thoughts on “Results

  1. He’s beautiful.

    I think you know that my baby was in the NICU for 14 days with antibiotics, the bililights, and the works. So if there’s any wisdom I could possibly pass down, it is this: The time WILL pass, I promise. Also, be sure to save all the cute little mementos possible, like his bililights glasses and blood pressure cuff. I put all of that stuff in Micah’s scrapbook so he can always remember what a little fighter he is. Oh, and one more thing, I hope you’ll take advantage of sleeping uninterrupted in the evenings, so you can recover quickly. JD needs you to heal up… plus, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that the NICU nurses are taking really good care of him.

  2. WOW! I agree that it will be hard to leave JD, but you are right…knowing that he has wonderful care-is AWESOME! You, J & JD will be in our prayers. I LOVE YOU, and he is handsome…kisses and hugs. 😉

  3. He’s so cute!!! Awwww …

    So glad he has good care. My nephew was in the NICU for a long time and those nurses just adore those babies — it will be hard to come home without him, but at least you can rest knowing he’s being taken care of. Like Laurie said, you need to SLEEP and recover so you can take care of him when he does come home. Hugs!

  4. You know, when H/Kris were born, Grandma Coombs took them home three days before I could leave. Yep, that was kinda weird. Hopefully, JD will get better quickly and come home soon. But rest up as much as possible now, because there will be nights you don’t get much sleep when he’s home.

  5. Hi Bobbie,
    Congratulations! JD is beautiful and I am sure he will be just fine and home very soon! My prayers are with you. Kiss and hug!

  6. I’m catching up on your blog. I read most recent to oldest so I get answers first. But I don’t see anything about the GBS in any later posts. Do you have any answers yet?

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