Want to guess where I am?

I am in the hospital waiting… and waiting… because Bobbie has been induced and is just lying in bed trying to sleep but is unable to.  She has been here since 4ish after meeting with the high risk specialist.   She had an epidural around 7pm and the doctors think it will be around 4am or so, hope we can get some sleep so that we will be ok.  So, Jacob will be about a month early which is surprising because the doctors wanted to take him no later then the end of the month, but he is still measuring big so that is good.  The funny thing that she has a baby showered plan for this Saturday and we were joking that Bobbie would have him before the party but we never thought this would be the case.  So the party is still on so we will see if the baby will be with us or still at the hospital because he was a bit early.   So that is it for now!  We will see how it goes.


7 thoughts on “Want to guess where I am?

  1. What a relief to hear mom and baby JD are OK. Hoping that they both get to come home together. Looking forward to the photos! Congrats & Love to your little family!

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