I have to be honest, my favorite hamburger on the planet is the Whopper (no pickle, mayo, or onion).  Being a chubby girl, I don’t often talk about fast food but I’ve been known to drive through for a Whopper or Whopper Jr a time or twenty in my day.  Jeremy and I saw this online and it had us laughing so hard, it’s long but cracked us up!!


6 thoughts on “WHOPPER

  1. For those who don’t watch the whole thing, midway through is my favorite line – “Home of the ‘Whatever we got’!”

  2. Gosh, now I really want a Whopper! I loved the guy’s story about not being able to finish one when he was little, but now he’s a man and can eat the whole thing. Funny!

  3. We have these commercials on TV here – do you too? They are funny. You know, I don’t think I could kiss Burger King even if I knew Mike was behind the mask!!!!

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