Biggest Me

It makes me laugh to read the things people type into a search engine and find my page with.  Saturday and Sunday I always get a lot of people looking for the Lyrics to the primary song “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus”.  For some reason the most popular post I’ve ever done, that gets a TON of hits is this one, normally people looking for bobcats or small houses.

My new favorite that made me laugh so hard today is “Worlds biggest bobbies”.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone didn’t mean bobbies.  Then again maybe they are looking for the pictures I posted yesterday?!  HA HA.  I’m so funny.

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5 thoughts on “Biggest Me

  1. hahahaa … bobbies … nice.

    i don’t know how this guy found my blog (what he was searching for), but he posted a compliment to a post that had something about me whining about early pregnancy symptoms (boobs). His link was to an erotica blog. Doubt he was looking for a pregnant chick. hahahahah

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