That’s Why?!

On our way to the hospital for a NST today Jer decided to inform me that I had a small pimple on the tip of my nose.  Now recently my face has started to swell due to retaining water.  My nose is the worst.  I told Jeremy that life isn’t fair, isn’t it bad enough that my nose looks all red and swollen but now I have a pimple to make it worse.  His reply was this:

“THAT is why you think life isn’t fair.  Not because you have a horrible heart condition but because you have a zit on your nose?!”

I couldn’t stop laughing all the way to the hospital.  Thanks for putting things in perspective for me babe!

I decided today that we should take some “belly” pictures since I think every woman, no matter how fat you think you look, should have pregnancy photo’s.  Here they are, no makeup and wet hair to boot!  The second one is my “cheesy” photo.  It bugs me that almost every pregnancy photo I see of other girls they have a hand on top AND on bottom of their belly’s.  It shouldn’t bug me, but it does.   The one where I’m puckering is a joke.  Uno has either big lips OR he likes to pucker for EVERY ultrasound we’ve had since he was about 20 weeks along.


8 thoughts on “That’s Why?!

  1. You’re so freakin adorable!! Awww! Anthony wants to start taking a profile shot of me every week so we can track my progress.

  2. Awww, cute! I really like that top. 🙂 Hubby has taken a few of me even though I’m still in the first trimester — just to see how big I get from where I am now. Kiddo says she can’t wait to see how huge I get. Thanks, kidlet. Thanks a lot. lol

  3. “It bugs me that almost every pregnancy photo I see of other girls they have a hand on top AND on bottom of their belly’s.”

    I always figured they did it so people knew FOR SURE that they were pregnant and not just really disproportionately fat in their belly. And yeah… it’s always bugged me to. You’re AWESOME!

  4. I feel like my name should start with an s.

    It is always fun to take pregnancy photos and look back. I honestly cant remember having a belly. You forget so fast… (yes thats a good thing)

  5. That’s one thing I wished I’d done; taken a pciture at the end of my pregnancy. I was huge! Or at least I felt that way!

  6. I hate those ‘hand on top and hand on bottom’ pics too! And I always make fun of the pictures of the husband and wife together, looking down at and touching the woman’s belly. But to each their own.

    My sister-in-law told me just yesterday that she is so glad she had my brother take pictures of her baby belly right before she went in for her c-section, just to remember. She loves to look back at them. For me, I’m pretty happy out-of-town friends have asked for belly pics, because I like to see how I keep getting bigger the further along I get.

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