First off are the pictures of our extra room/nursery.  The top of the walls are a light grey/green and the bottom is a darker green.  We LOVE IT!  Ignore all the baby stuff piled in the crib.  I need to wash some of it and thy and find a place to put the rest.  Brighton LOVES the baby’s comforter.


Max also got groomed today.  I forgot to have Jeremy tell them to trim him shorter than your typical Bichon, so he’s VERY fluffy.  You can put a finger on his back and his fur will go up about halfway.  Daisy thinks this means he is a perfect pillow.  While I was trying to get a picture of Max, Daisy was playing with Brighton.  He loves the dogs, especially Daisy since he says she’s his.


Last but not least I have to share these video’s.  Jeremy got Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2  for Christmas.  While he hasn’t had a lot of time to play it, the other night he , dad, and Art got really into it.  We got it all on video, and boy is it fun!


7 thoughts on “Syrup EVERYWHERE

  1. I have to say art is my favorite person to watch. I can only imagine the work out he is getting by jumping around so much.

  2. Yep, Ray was gooood!

    And who ever was in the second to last picture of The dog and Bright, you best tell them they have big holes in the knees of their jeans!

  3. Can you send that crew over to my house to finish our kids room and the bathroom?….that would be great. And what’s with dads pants? Weirdo!

  4. LOL….I think Ray’s pants are the highlight of those videos! The room looks great! I can’t wait to see it in person!

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