No wonder people think Americans are dumb

So I am working right now and got a call for the Houston hotel from someone in Cleveland, Ohio.  So she asks me if the time difference is 3 hours? I mute my phone for a second so I can gather the correct answer without insulting the lady and say no it is just a one hour difference.  First off Ohio is in the western part of the eastern time zone and I wonder has this person even left Ohio?  So is Houston now a west coast town?

As you can tell from the map that is not the case.  The distance is shorter then Salt Lake to Houston.  Some people amaze me everyday here.


10 thoughts on “No wonder people think Americans are dumb

  1. OHHH…that’s why I have to change my watch every time I drive to Utah. Maybe I should just buy two watches! You know, maybe that poor lady just missed 5th grade geography?

  2. oooooohhhh, that makes more sense. I thought Bobbie was still out, I was confused. My oldest sister has a hard time understanding that UT is two hours behind us…not ahead, behind. So she thinks it’s 5 when it’s 7 in UT when it’s really 9 and I’m asleep. She’s been explained to by many people it just doesn’t work that way. still doesn’t get it. oh well.

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