Tired Girl

I am sorry I haven’t been up to blogging much.  While the medication seemed to help a lot for the first week or two, it hasn’t seemed to help a lot this past week.  Thank goodness the breathing problems haven’t been as bad as before but everything else is blah and even my face has started to swell.  The Cardiologist doubled the medication dosage today so hopefully that will improve things, time will tell.  Looks like we may be having Uno a few weeks earlier than planned.  (you can read more about the Cardiologist on the Pregnancy blog)

Life for us has been trucking along.  Jeremy has been working earlier in the day recently and I love having him home at night.  He has started to look into job options in Utah County.  He loves working for the hotel group but the drive is the pits and quite the gas guzzler.  Insurance is our main worry (since I’m on his insurance this year) but we figure even if he finds something we could always pay cobra for a few months if it’s a good job change and we feel the right thing to do.

We’ve played killer bunnies quite a bit, and are shocked at how much faster the game goes (and how many more cards you go through) with only two people.  The game last night was only about an hour.  We think we are ready to get the next expansion pack but unless Jer finds it cheap on ebay it’ll need to wait till we get a carseat for the baby.  If anyone wants to play just give us a call.


6 thoughts on “Tired Girl

  1. I am sorry that you are tired, but glad you are still enjoying the Bunnies! ” the bunny, the bunny, oh i love the bunny!”

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