No mas basquetbol para mi

Yeah that title is right. So I am working at the radio station today and I get a call from the guy who is in charge of BYU women’s basketball on 960am saying that BYU womens basketball will no longer be on 960. Well this is no more because over the weekend 960 am’s signal was sold to now become a spanish station not sure when it starts because there was normal programming when I was listening on my way to work today. This is really surprising because 960 am is the signal that 1280 the zone also uses to reach Utah County, because even with their own new improved signal it still has trouble reaching parts of Utah County. So no more women’s hoops for me this stinks because I will not be seen as much at the station and not getting that money, but it is ok because it was somewhat of a pain because BYU radio’s operation is somewhat amateurish with their signal strength and when employees there do not turn on my feed to broadcast the game. Another positive note is that I do not have to use my personal time to leave work or trying to trade my schedule to get days off.


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