It’s a Holiday Miracle

I went to the doctor today and the didn’t send me to the hospital to be monitored! If you want to read more about how the appointment went, head over to my pregnancy blog.

Christmas was good for our little family. Saturday afternoon we had my Grandma G’s family lunch. Sunday evening Jeremy’s little brother came to visit. We taught him to play Killer Bunnies and he in turn slaughtered us and won by a landslide. Even Steph was playing weapons on his bunnies, and she’s not usually a fighter. Christmas eve I spent with my parents while Jer worked, poor kid also had to work in the afternoon Christmas day but we had a wonderful morning. It was fun to have it be just the two of us for the first time. Considering that next year we will have Uno it will probably be our last Christmas alone for many years. Around 11am we headed up to Jeremy’s brothers house and had some breakfast and played games till it was time for Jer to head to work. We really had a great time. Once Jeremy went to work I headed down to my Grandparents house to spend time with them and the Bragg’s. I laughed so hard as we sat around and talked. While I wish Jeremy didn’t have to work during the Holidays, I understand. I’ve been there many times. Even with him working we had a great holiday. I will have Jeremy bring the cord up from downstairs tonight so I can get the pictures off the camera. I do have these two pictures I took with my phone, apparently Grandma and Grandpa were tired. I did a lot more over the weekend/holiday then I should have so it’s back to laying down for me.


Just so you all know. Jeremy let me know he has decided to stop blogging on his blog and use this one instead. So instead of just myself blogging it will be both of us, I’m not sure when he will start blogging, but you’ve been warned. ha ha.  You will be able to tell who blogged what by looking at the top of each post.  Right before the time it will either say wdwbobbie (me) or gulfcoastpolo (Jeremy).  In honor of our joint blogging effort I have decided to do two things, make it snow on the blog and give it a new title.  The title is where I am requesting your help.  WHAT should we call our joint family blog?!?!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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