My OB appointment was no fun.  After waiting longer than usual to go back and see the Doctor the nurse took my vitals.  Two things I didn’t like, I’d gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks and my blood pressure was high.  Now I know I’m pregnant and should be fine with the weight gain but I am not apparently.  I’ve only gained (after gaining, loosing, gaining) 14 pounds total this pregnancy so I shouldn’t whine but argh!


 The blood pressure however concerned the Doctor.  The beta-blockers I’m taking (heart meds) should be lowering my pulse and BP, not raising them.  He let me know that as soon as he checked the babies fluids he was sending me BACK to the hospital to Labor and Delivery to be monitored and have more tests run.  He’s concerned that I’m developing Preeclampsia on top of the Mild Hypertension and Cardiomyopathy.  I’ve been tested before but from what I understand it can occur anytime during the pregnancy so?

The Ultrasound for the fluid check went great.  Thank goodness something was going right!  His fluid is back up a bit and they will check it again next week.  The doctor was also laughing a lot because he said the baby already has quite a bit of hair on his little head.  Doesn’t surprise me, Jer and I both have such thick hair.  I wonder what color his will be.  Poor kid.

I headed over to the hospital after the appointment (thanks for the ride Art).  Up in labor and delivery they hooked me up to the lovely monitors.  Of course my blood pressure wasn’t as high as it was in the doctors office.  They came and drew some blood and told me they would keep me till the labs came back.  Only 45 minutes later the nurse came in and said my BP was stable, the labs were clean, and the baby looked good so she was calling my doctor to see if I could be released.  He said yes but he wants another 24 hour urine collection to check for protein.  ARGH.  I couldn’t start it tonight because it was too late and the lab closes early tomorrow.  I am not sure if they are open Sunday-Tuesday however so I’m calling in the morning to ask what they want me to do.  SO FUN!  The good news is that I wasn’t there very long and that made me happy.


Mom and Dad came and got me from the hospital and we headed to dinner and I braved a movie.  I was doing so well, I was thinking “bedrest, ya whatever!” and then I started to have some palpitations and pains right before the movie started.  I sat down and took my pulse and it was at about 130-140bpm.  After sitting for 20 min or so it dropped to 120bpm.  After the movie it was still at 120bpm, that could however be due to the fact that the movie freaked me out.  It’s been a steady 100bpm or so since then.  If it doesn’t drop over the weekend I may call the Cardiologist and ask him about it, since the beta-blocker is supposed to lower both my HR and BP, I’m wondering if maybe they need to up the dose?  Even with the fast Heart Rate it was nice to get out of the house and see a movie.  THANKS MOM!  I may pay the price today by being stuck in bed all day, but it was worth it.


5 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. ahh… the joys of collecting your own urine. 😉 i’m glad that you enjoyed your time out with your family. now keep your preggo butt in bed, lady! uno needs to stay in a little longer.

  2. Yay-dinner and a movie! Boo-heart rate went up and preclampsia-no fun! Yay-doing better with fluids! Boo-weight gain is never fun! One last…YAY! TON of hair! Can’t wait to snuggle lil’ UNO! 🙂

  3. I am so glad that little Uno is doing great and that the fluids are back up. I know the hospital sucks but I am thankful that it is there to help you stay strong and healthy. And YAY for a movie! Our hearts and prayers are with you and baby uno!!

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