Hospital Blah

Its been a long almost 24 hours. I haven’t blogged because things weren’t looking super till now.

Last night Jeremy, mom, and I headed into the ER. After a few hours and some oxygen I was doing a lot better and we thought we’d be ok to go home. The cardiologist however thought not. I was admitted around 2:45am. After a very sleepless night alone, this morning my OB and Cardiologist saw me. The OB decided to move me up to labor and delivery so the baby could be monitored too.

They were able to take me off oxygen around noon. Shortly after they started me on beta blockers for my heart. There was talk of transfering me to a hospital better equipt to handle the baby if they had to take him. They decided to wait till after the results of another heart echo.
Just now the cardiologist came in and gave me the best news ever. The echo came back with a 50% EF. This is as low as it can go and not have the cardiomyopathy. A big step from the 45% before! My heart rate is still high and I’ll be on the Meds at least til the baby is born. They are keeping me tonight again to monitor me on the meds but hopefully I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon sometime. I still see the periantologist tomorrow morning to check Uno’s size and so I can talk to her about the breathing problems. They’ve not let me out of bed here except for the restroom and I fear that she’ll give me the same directions for home. Not having heart failure however is a fair trade!

Oh one more thing… As long as no other problems happen we may be able to have kids after Uno. He didn’t give us a positive yes but there is a Good chance!


10 thoughts on “Hospital Blah

  1. You know…I am very grateful for today’s medical technology. I was told with my first pregnancy that if it had been 20 or so years earlier I might have not have made it. I am so happy that you have doctors that know what to look for, and how to help; that the medical feild has come as far as it has. What a blessing it is to live in this day and age!! 🙂 Luv ya!

  2. Yea!!!!I am so happy that things are going better! We have been so worried! You are still in our prayers and I know that the Lord is with you. We love you Bobbie! I am glad that you are ok and what great news about maybe being able to have more kids! And YEAH for Heart Medication!!!

  3. You know Bobbie, if you really needed your own space you could have just asked me to leave the house for awhile. The hospital is kind of an expensive way to escape me, don’t you think?

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