The Information

I’ve found a GREAT support site for PACM and also was able to find a Cardiologist there that specializes in PACM and PPCM.  Now he’s in Washington so I won’t be seeing him but via email he’s been able to give me a LOT of information about medications, steps the doctors should take and the like.  I spent time with Jeremy going over a lot of the information from him and it is amazing to me how differently we take the information.  I take the new information as a good thing.  I feel less in the dark and it tends to calm me down a bit.  Jeremy on the other hand has increased concern after every little thing I would read to him.

Oh the way peoples brains work…


3 thoughts on “The Information

  1. That sounds like Art and I. Quite often we take information differently and have to talk it through to try to find some middle ground and see it through each other’s eyes:)

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